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3 Ways To Take Care Of Your RV This Summer When Not Using Your RV

by Leon Payne

If you just purchased an RV, here are three ways to make sure that you are taking special care of your RV or camper this summer when you are not using your RV.

#1 Protect The Roof

When your RV is not in use at your home, don't let it just sit out on your driveway with an exposed roof. Instead, park your RV inside of a garage or under a carport. You want to cover up the roof on your RV when you are not using it. This will help prolong the life of your RV roof. Over time, the roof on your RV can break down due to environmental damage. The best way to protect your RV roof is by covering it up when you are not using it.

#2 Turn On The Generator

You should not let your generator sit for long periods of time unused, especially when it has gasoline in it. Gasoline breaks down relatively quickly, and once it breaks down, it can actually cause damage to your generator. Your generator is designed to be used on a regular basis, which is why you need to turn it on and use it for a couple of hours every month even if you are not planning on taking out your RV. Running your generator for a couple of hours each month will keep the gasoline from breaking down. It will also keep all the internal components inside of your generator well lubricated and in good working condition. If you want to have power when you hit the road, you need to run your generator for a couple of hours every month.

#3 Allow The Air To Flow

Finally, in the summer months, when your RV is just sitting in the driveway, it can get really hot inside. The temperatures inside of your RV can quickly rise well above the outside temperatures, turning your RV into a virtual sauna. All of that heat and humidity over time can damage the various materials inside of your RV. To prevent the summer heat from wearing down the inside of your RV, open up the vents on your RV. This will allow air to flow inside of your RV and will keep it from reaching sweltering temperatures inside of your RV. Just make sure that your RV is parked under a cover when the vents are open to prevent rain water from getting inside of your RV in the event of an unexpected summer storm.