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4 Tips To Stay Safe When Having Your Car Towed At Night

by Leon Payne

Experiencing a car accident or car trouble at night can be an extremely stressful experience since it's not as easy to find a way home or have your car transported to a garage. If you need to have your car towed with 24/7 roadside assistance, you'll need to stay safe. Rather than feel unprepared for this situation, consider the following tips to help you stay safe.

Leave Your Hazard Lights On

The first thing to do after experiencing car troubles and pulling over to the side of the road is to activate your hazard lights. Visibility can be poor at night, making it difficult for anyone to see your car when you're stopped. Even if you're moving away from the vehicle and won't sit inside it, the hazard lights should stay on to help others see you and your car. These lights can also make it easier for the tow truck driver to spot your car as they approach. 

Notify a Friend or Family Member

Calling or texting a friend or family member is important since you may have car issues somewhere far from home. Having someone available to come and meet you to pick you up from the auto shop or towing service may be an option instead of depending on taking a taxi from the garage once your car is towed. Since experiencing car problems or being involved in an accident at night can be scary, having someone to talk to and know where you're located is helpful. 

Move Away From the Road 

If you had to park the car on the shoulder of a highway or other public road, you should move as far away as possible. Since it can be difficult for oncoming traffic to spot your car, even with hazard lights, there's always the risk that someone can slam into your car. Staying out of the car and away from the road is the best way to prevent injury while waiting for the towing service. 

Wait Indoors if Possible 

Along with staying out of the car, it's best to stay somewhere that's well-lit and warm. Look around to see whether there are any places open where you can wait for the tow truck driver to arrive. This could mean a gas station or coffee shop that's open late. 

Having your car towed can be essential when it's no longer working due to a car accident or car troubles. If you need to contact a tow truck service to have your car towed at night, the above tips can help alleviate many of your concerns and make the tow easier. 

Contact a local roadside assistance service, such as On-Time Truck and Trailer Fleet Service, to learn more.