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3 Factors That Affect The Price Of Replacing Your Windshield

by Leon Payne

If your windshield has a large crack in it that cannot be repaired, you are going to need to replace your windshield. Here are a few different factors that will affect the overall cost of replacing your windshield.

1. Type Of Glass You Use

One of the main factors that will affect the cost of replacing your windshield is the type of glass that you choose to use. If you want to use original equipment manufacturer glass, which is the exact same glass that is already on your vehicle, you are going to have to pay more for that type of glass. You may have to wait longer for the glass to be sourced, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

However, if you go with generic, aftermarket glass that is made to fit a range of different vehicles, your costs will generally be lower. Additionally, most glass replacement shops carry aftermarket glass, making it much easier to source.

2. Tint On Your Glass

The second factor that will affect the overall cost of your glass is if you want a tint applied to your glass. If your glass was previously tinted, or had a strip of tint across the top of the glass, you probably want to keep your windshield looking the same way.

The glass shop may be able to use glass that already has tint on it, or they may have to apply tint to the glass that they have. Either way, adding a tint increases the cost of replacing your windshield.

3. Location Of Service

If you go to a local auto repair shop, you can save both time and money. However, you need to keep in mind that even though changing out the glass may be a quick process, you shouldn't drive your vehicle for a few hours afterwards in order to allow the windshield glue to cure and the windshield to be secure. 

On the other hand, mobile windshield repair can often cost a little more than taking it into the shop, but is often far more convenient. With mobile windshield repair, the mechanics will come to you with all of their supplies. They can change out your windshield in the parking lot at your place of work, at your home, or even at the shopping center while you run errands. Since they come to you, you can comfortably allow the curing time to pass after the windshield is installed while you work, shop, or do things around your house. You won't have to wait at an auto repair shop or arrange for alternate transportation in order to get your windshield fixed.