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4 Things You Need To Know About Organic Brake Pads

by Leon Payne

If you are interested in using organic brake pads on your vehicle the next time you need new brakes, here are three things that you need to know about this type of brake pad.

#1 Low-Cost

If you are looking to save money when you change out your brake pads, organic brake pads could be a good option for you. Organic brake pads tend to cost less compared to other brake pads on the market today and are a good option for individuals who primarily use their vehicle for commuting purposes and don't need expensive racing brakes. They tend to be affordable because they don't cost that much to make. They are more affordable to make because they use natural, organic materials as well as recycled materials and don't rely on the use of metals like many more expensive brake pads do. 

#2 Quiet Ride

Another reason to consider organic brake pads is because they are really quiet. When you press down on your brakes, you are not going to hear any grinding sounds, unlike with metallic and semi-metallic brake pads. Organic brake pads produce a relatively quiet ride. If you live in a neighborhood and do a lot of city driving, having quiet brakes can be nice; this will draw less attention to your vehicle.

You don't want to be driving through your suburban neighborhood or down a city block and have your brakes squeezing so loudly that everyone looks at you and over time you are known as the loud car guy. One, it is embarrassing, and two, it is just rude to your neighbors and those around you to drive with brakes that are always squeaking and making noise in an environment where less noise is expected. A side effect of the quiet braking is that these brakes also tend to provide you with really smooth and controlled braking, which is great when you do a lot of stop and go city driving. 

#3 Commuting

Organic pads are ideally designed for vehicles that are used for commuting and regular driving tasks, such as going back and forth to work, the grocery store and other places around town as well as the occasional road trip. They are not designed for sports and high-end performance vehicles. Although organic brakes will work on these vehicles, they are generally not the best fit due to the high speeds and hot heat those types of vehicles can generate.

#4 Length Of Use

One of the few downsides to organic brake pads is that they tend to wear down rather quickly. Depending on how you drive, you may need to replace your organic brake soon than you would other types of brake pads. They tend to wear out faster when they get too hot. So if you are a gentle driver, they can be great, but if you drive really hard and fast, they may not last you very long and may not be the best fit for your driving style.

If you need a pair of brakes that works well and is affordable for a commuter vehicle, organic brake pads are a great way to go. Visit a website like to learn more.