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How To Safely Exit The Back Of A Truck

by Leon Payne

When you must frequently enter and exit a truck, you could potentially put yourself at risk for a serious injury if you fall. Even if you don't fall, you may be putting strain on your knees, since entering and exiting a truck is often not ergonomic. 

Have Three Points of Contact

When exiting a truck, make sure that you always have at least three points of contact. For example, when you are placing one of your feet on the ground, make sure the other foot and both hands are in contact with the truck. If your truck has any handrails or steps, make sure to use all that are provided. Make sure to check all of these periodically to make sure that there are no steps or rails that are loose. 

Beware of Snow, Ice and Rain

You have a much greater chance of slipping and falling during the winter when steps and rails might be covered in ice or snow. You're also at risk after a rain when the steps might be slippery. Make sure to clean these areas so they're less likely to cause you to slip. For example, if the steps are covered with snow, make sure to brush them off.

Don't Jump

Never jump from a truck, even if you don't think the distance is very far. It's easy to lose your footing and suffer a serious fall. Also, jumping out of a truck is hard on your knees. Always carefully descend out of the truck.

Wear the Right Shoes

Make sure you're wearing proper footwear before starting your work day. Wear work boots that are well-fitted. Do not wear sandles or flipflops. Also, do not climb into and out of the back of the truck barefoot. 

Put Everything in the Right Place

Everything in the back of your truck must be in its proper place. For example, you do not want tools in the way while trying to climb into the back of the truck. Not only might you trip over the tools, but you might also fall on the tools and injure yourself. Never climb over something in the back of the truck. 

Install a Tailgate Step

If you must descend from the truck by stepping off the tailgate, you might be placing yourself at risk. Make sure to purchase a tailgate step so you can more safely step down from the back of a truck. A tailgate step will also make it easier to remove belongings from your truck.